Saturday, January 14, 2017

Two of Video Game History's Video Game Icons' New Games Taking From Their Classic TV Series'

As you could imagine, I'm talking about Mario and Sonic. As their newest games, Super Mario Odyssey and Project Sonic 2017, are due this holiday season, some might not have noticed that these games have taken elements from their famous cartoons from the 90s. I'll list some examples.

Super Mario Odyssey:
In this game, Bowser plans to force Princess Peach to marry him, but what modern fans may not know is the fact that in the TV series, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, King "Bowser" Koopa has tried to force Princess "Peach" Toadstool to marry him. Also, Mario's official exploration into the real world wasn't a first time for Mario, as Mario has visited the real world in both The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and The New Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Mario has also explored outside the Mushroom Kingdom to places like Earth, a Jungle, a Food Themed Place(where he could throw turnips, like in Super Mario Bros. 2(which is also what The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was based on)), which Mario has explored outside the Mushroom Kingdom in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, The New Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and The New Adventures of Super Mario World.

Project Sonic 2017:
As we saw in the teaser, Sonic is once again teaming up with Classic Sonic, but this might not be the same Classic Sonic. I say this, because we see Classic Sonic do the boost with Modern Sonic. I know he did this in the 3DS Ending, but the only Classic Sonic I know that is capable of boosting is the one in Sonic SatAM(Sonic the Hedgehog(TV Series)), and the amount of destruction in the teaser is basically equal to that of Sonic SatAM, because Crisis City was caused by a bad future(I think, I haven't played the game), while the destruction in the teaser was caused by Death Egg Robot-like Robots, something Dr. Robotnik would do in Sonic SatAM, and in somewhat related information, I the last game, Sonic Lost World, the Robotitizer existed, so it might return in this game, so Sonic must have been pulled into the universe of Sonic SatAM.

Do you think I'm correct about these games being linked to the TV Shows from the 90s? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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