Sunday, May 29, 2016

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Season 2 Coming Soon

I've recently heard that one of my favorite shows, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, will finally be returning July 11, and this is news that has just got around. Only down side to this is the fact that Toon City Animation might be doing the episodes, which is sad, because Mercury Filmworks was the perfect fit for Star and Marco's wacky adventures, with it's smooth flow, action pact scenes that look cooler with Mercury Filmworks doing the dynamic camera movement, and the design of the characters had a charm that told us, "Hey, we're gonna brighten your day with our cute Toon Boom animated designs that were fiercely earned." If they were going to replace Mercury Filmworks in the first place, the least they could have done to pacify the audience was to use similar companies like Boulder Media Limited, Jam Filled Entertainment, or Studio SOI(2D Animation Producers for The Amazing World of Gumball), and not even Rough Draft Korea, the animation producers for the episodes "Fortune Cookies" and probably "Royal Pain", could fill the void. Because it looked too jerky on the half part, and its movement seemed too two frame per movement, because while Mercury had the right amount of flow for the right amount of time, Rough Draft Korea had too much flow, so much flow that it would make you wet yourself if you drink too much liquid. If they were to do the same thing this season, but not bring back Mercury Filmworks(because they're too busy with Penn Zero: Part Time Hero, a show that makes a complete waste of Mercury Filmworks' true power with flash animation) what animation production company should take Mercury's place?

A. Jam Filled Entertainment
B. Boulder Media Limited
C. Studio SOI