Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Is Almost Here!

I can't wait for the year 2016, it's going to be awesome! This year's theme may have not been announced yet, I don't think, but I hope it's as imaginative as 2014, and as courageous as 2015. Over 150 types of amiibo(including cards) have been released over the course of 2015, I wonder how many types of amiibo will release over the course of 2016. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Barney's Voice Through The Years

I've been thinking, the two main voices of Barney, Bob West and Dean Wendt, and the temporary voices, Tim Dever and Duncan Brannan, have been mixed up in modern videos from time to time, so I thought I'd clear things up. Apparently, the current voice, Dean Wendt, has been the voice of Barney for the pass 13 years, but he has redubbed Bob West's recordings in Barney's Night Before Christmas, Duncan Brannan's recordings in Come Over To Barney's House and Barney's Beach Party(Let's Go To The Beach), and Tim Dever's recordings in Barney's Christmas Star. These were all redubbed in clips in Barney's Book Fair, Best of Barney, and Barney's A Very Merry Christmas, in the form of memorable clips. The only thing he didn't redub is Bob West's generation one recordings from Once Upon A Time in Best of Barney, so this got me thinking, was Barney's voice in generation two supposed to sound like the one in modern times, or was Dean Wendt's voice for Barney supposed to start after Barney's Great Adventure? The only person who'd know is Sheryl Leech, the mother of Barney. Maybe soon, if nothing is done, Bob West's recordings in generation two will be discarded like a rotten turnip in Animal Crossing, and Dean Wendt will end up redubbing all generation two Barney media, including episodes from seasons 4 - 6, home videos, cds, games, live concerts, and the movie. Bob West, if you're reading this, please consider doing Barney's voice atleast one last time for the 30th anniversary special, because the fans of Barney will ultimately be reattracted to Barney, and all the anti-Barney humor will end.