Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reasons To Hate "Teen Titans Go!"

1. The titans hate Robin, which was revealed in "Backwards Robin".
2. Starfire is stupid, and wants nothing to do with Robin, and I mean just that Robin(on account that she fell for people who looked like Robin, even Nibor, and she's the worst titan I know. Good thing she's fat and ugly in the Bizzaro world.
3. Raven clearly has serious issues, she even wants to kill her crush, well, not really, but, you get the picture. I also don't like when she screams at the top of her lungs in the beginning of "Legs".
4. The show is sextist, like in "Boys vs. Girls" let me tell you, it really hurt my feelings about its sextist content. Every gender is just as good as the other.
5. The titans are rude, lazy, greedy, and mean, making the H.I.V.E. look like the real heros.
6. Robin is not as nice as hey is in the comics.
7. Starfire uses "the" in every senence she says, heck, they might make an episode where all she can say is "the".
8. I don't like Cyborg's tone in "Left Leg".
9. It censors things too much, making it naughty.

So now you know how "Teen Titans Go!" has hurt me so. I apologize for my very worded rant. I hope you can forgive me.